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  • Posted: 05/13/2016
    You may have already heard the news: a ​new study finds​ that yoga and meditation are effective ways of combatting mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s! Did you know that this study was funded by the ARPF?
  • Posted: 05/02/2016

    Johns Hopkins Hospital physicians recommend strength training and exercise to their patients. Why is this so important?

    “Exercise is as or more beneficial than most pills we have for various diseases,” says Stuart Russell, M.D., medical director of cardiac rehabilitation, heart failure and transplantation at Johns Hopkins. “And it’s something you can do in your living room.”

  • Posted: 04/22/2016

    A recent article by scientists conducting a study of nonagenarians reveals that there’s a lot more to ageing well than just living a long time. Participants in the study were asked to talk about their family histories and the lifestyle choices they made, from the time they were quite young up until the present day. The study shows that while genes play a role in determining how likely a person is to develop Alzheimer’s, many people who have lived into their late 90s cite a number of other factors as well, including

  • Posted: 04/13/2016

    We probably all know from our own lives that in high-pressure situations, it’s easy to start forgetting things. When the stress starts at work or at home, we start making mistakes. At first, it’s just the small things – locking your keys in the car, or forgetting a meeting at the last minute.

  • Posted: 03/09/2016
    To kick off Brain Awareness Week, the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation will be offering FREE memory screenings at our booth (#222) at the Tucson Festival of Books. We will join some other great sponsors, including Arizona Authors Association, Arizona Daily Star, Arizona Public Media and the Rotary Club of Tucson, to name a few. 

    If you are concerned about your memory, this should be your first step. 

  • Posted: 02/10/2016
    Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) remains a burgeoning epidemic. The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (ARPF) has done extensive research on a simple 12-minute yoga meditation called Kirtan Kriya (KK), which means....
  • Posted: 11/23/2015

    In honor of Alzheimer's Awareness month this November, we asked our supporters to sign the Stand Up for Your Memory Pledge! Signing the pledge demonstrates support for Alzheimer's research and prevention efforts. Now through the end of November, you can help us spread awareness of the reality of Alzheimer's prevention by showing that you STAND UP FOR YOUR MEMORY. Sign the pledge here

  • Posted: 11/19/2015

    The Cause

    The fourth annual #GivingTuesday is just a couple weeks away! #GivingTuesday is a worldwide movement to create a day of giving to kick-off the giving season. It arrives annually the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (December 1, 2015) and is fundamentally moving the needle and helping nonprofits raise more awareness and donations

    Why ARPF?

  • Posted: 09/09/2015

    Earlier this year, I attended a virtual summit on the future of the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. The goal is to eradicate this horrible mind robbing illness by 2025. This is of great importance to us as individuals, as well as Americans, because of the burgeoning epidemic of Alzheimer’s. Not only are we losing loved ones but we are also becoming financially challenged. In fact, it’s been predicted that if a way to prevent or delay Alzheimer’s disease is not made available to Americans, Medicare may go bankrupt.

  • Posted: 08/26/2015

    The ARPF is proud to announce our new partnership with the Medical Fitness Network (MFN). The ARPF and MFN share a mutual goal of educating people about healthy living and holistic management of medical conditions and their risk factors. This partnership helps connect consumers to current holistic research and prevention resources relating to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia through the MFN’s online network.